Web Design / Development

My primary work lately has been web development. I enjoy both the design and development of sites, as the combination of my artistic and mathematics background have a chance to work together. It is a perfect combination of difficulties and, while the art often plays a more subtle role than I usually like, the extra challenges of layout and programming create a satisfying puzzle to solve.

Good Plan Productions

Good Plan Productions Good Plan Productions

A site I did for my friend Dylan and his father, who've started an awesome film production company. Good Plan Productions

Bawte Public Site

Bawte Public Site Bawte Public Site

The public-facing site explaining a side project I've been working on: Bawte (if you haven't heard of it yet, be sure to check it out). Interesting parallax scrolling, cool dynamic menu, and a good-old flexible slider. We managed to crank it out pretty quick, once again reminding me how much smoother things go if I get to start from scratch. Bawte Public Site

Southwest Diner STL

Southwest Diner STL Southwest Diner STL

A website designed for a Southwestern-style diner in St. Louis Southwest Diner STL

Marion Nehmer Pottery

Marion Nehmer Pottery Marion Nehmer Pottery

A portfolio site I created for a friend of mine. It utilizes the random size mosaic element that I created a tutorial for earlier. Marion Nehmer Pottery

SNHU Stories

SNHU Stories SNHU Stories

This is a custom web promotion that allows SNHU students to upload their stories. I worked primarily on the map and archive sections, with a primary focus on the globe. The globe is pretty cool, it's based on an idea by Roman Cortes that allows a fake 3D animation using pure css (by strategically slicing up an image and offsetting the slices). SNHU Stories

AHA Facebook Tab

AHA Facebook Tab AHA Facebook Tab

A custom Facebook tab for the American Heart Association, user-driven and AJAXy!

Stamats Catchfire

Stamats Catchfire Stamats Catchfire

Not long ago we signed a partnership agreement with Stamats (a higher ed marketing firm that is very well established in the industry), which has brought a great deal of interesting work. I did the development for the portfolio site, involving a great deal of jQuery and custom php (including a cool parallax scroller at the top, which has since reverted to a simpler form). Stamats Catchfire

Catchfire Media

Catchfire Media Catchfire Media

I did a lot of development (mostly jQuery and some php) for my employer's site. Great design by Ryan Formanek and the smooth jQuery compliments it well. Be sure to check out my blog posts on the site as well! Catchfire Media

Follow EDU

Follow EDU Follow EDU

A custom twitter aggregate (much like wefollow.com) made by Catchfire Media specifically for users in higher ed industries. I was in charge of all the functionality including twitter oauth, jQuery, SQL, and custom php. Really fun project to work on, I learned way more than I ever wanted to about Twitter's authorization process and I got to play a lot with the php. Follow EDU

Kate Chandler Ceramics

Kate Chandler Ceramics Kate Chandler Ceramics

A ceramics portfolio site I made for my incredibly talented girlfriend. Soon to be an ecommerce site so check out all the awesome handmade pieces (I am particularly fond of her mugs). Kate Chandler Ceramics

Beta Race

Beta Race Beta Race

This is a site I've been tinkering with for a while now. Basically it's a climbing RPG/progress tracker (if you're a climber please sign up and try it) Beta Race

J Eastburn Photography

J Eastburn Photography J Eastburn Photography

A fun site done for my mother, who is a great landscape photographer. I figured she'd let me go a bit crazy so I tried some parallax on this one. J Eastburn Photography

Chalk Bucket Colors

Chalk Bucket Colors Chalk Bucket Colors

My first go at a flash element, this was designed for Organic Climbing Company to help with color selection. Made for free, out of the goodness of my heart, but they never used it for whatever reason... Chalk Bucket Colors


oWiik oWiik

One of my earlier projects done with friend Brian LeBlanc, this was a site used for Orientation Week at Rice University.