Cool Tree Animation   This was just a little product of boredom that I thought would be fun. It’s all CSS and iQuery animation, which reuses all the “leaf” elements for the different effects. It’s sort of mesmerizing in a way and … Continue reading

Translucent Rectangle with Rounded Corners Using PHP

So recently I worked on a project where I had to create a watermark for an image on the fly, using user-submitted text and then merge it with a background image. I hadn’t had much opportunity to play with the … Continue reading

Accessible Slider

So for a while there I was getting sort of pigeon-holed into making jQuery image sliders, and I was getting pretty good at them. Each client needed something slightly different so I had to put in a decent amount of … Continue reading

Mosaic PHP problem

So I set a problem for myself, not thinking that it would be terribly hard. Turns out it’s quite a thinker and it was really enjoyable to work through, so I thought I’d share the problem and my solution…I’d love … Continue reading