Hello! My name is Thomas Murphy, the designer and founder of Paper Ball Designs and I just thought I’d say a little about my background as a designer.

Throughout my life I’ve loved creating artwork, but it wasn’t until college that I began working with digital media. I started by designing some t-shirts for college events and then began working with web designs. I found the transition from traditional to digital art very easy to make, and I believe my extensive drawing background and the ability to render images from scratch has really given me freedom to create a wide variety of graphics and web layouts. I generally use Adobe Photoshop for layout work and Illustrator for anything to be printed or scaled, but I am also versed in Macromedia Flash for some dynamic content, WordPress for some content management, and I’m working with Adobe InDesign for some experience with publication layout. I code all my web designs with CSS and HTML (flash if it’s really necessary), and I’m working on learning php to broaden my knowledge.

So, if you are in need of any graphics work, I would love to sketch up some ideas, and I can guarantee that I can deliver a unique and stylish image that will be perfectly suited to your needs.